Rhea Brown

(Phoenix Art Studio)

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Rhea Brown


Rhea Brown was born in Los Angeles, California, of African American, Mexican, Sicilian, and Turkish descent. Adopted by a loving family at 6 months, she traveled from North Dakota, to California, to the Philippines, to Maryland, and to Illinois.

Since a young child, she had a love for art. In high school she attended the visual and performing arts program at Suitland High, MD. However, she had every intention of becoming a doctor, having graduated with a full scholarship to study veterinary medicine at Tuskegee University.

However, with the birth of her daughter, she decided to marry, move to Texas, and devote her time to raising a family. A year later she had the opportunity to study under a local fashion designer, then shortly after decided to return to her first love; art.

Phoenix Art Studio was birthed in 2001 with the aid of Killeen's Carol's Art Gallery. She went on to acquire an Associate's Degree in Commercial Arts from Central Texas College. She also received informal training under Moody muralist/portrait artist Sandy Dusek, and Killeen photographer/muralist/film art director Rudy Calooy, Jr. Rhea has also had the pleasure of experiencing the ancient art of Athens, Kavala, and Cozumel.

Over this time she has practiced creating acrylic and oil portraits, murals, woodwork, wall sculptures, book and CD illustrations, graphic design, airbrush design, face painting, and scrolls. Aside from commissioned work, she creates inspirational works of art that have ministered to many people nationwide.

She is a member of the Killeen Civic Art Guild, the National Association of Professional Women, and the Austin Art of Texas. In 2006 she was awarded the ESGR Patriotic Employer Award. In 2008, she began donating her gift to honor the sacrifice that many military families have made in this country by painting portraits of fallen soldiers free of charge and assisting the Combat Warrior Crisis Network (now known as "TakeASoldierFishing.org"). In 2009 Rhea joined the Texas Design Network, which provides room makeovers free of charge for deserving Texas families. She also teaches art to young children in her local church, the Killeen American Shotokan Karate Academy, and the Cordovan Art School in Harker Heights.

Rhea plans to expand her business and continue to help others with her gift.