Repo: Shadow Cats

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Repo: Shadow Cats


The Shadow Cats started this Opra sh*t back in November, 2008, when a small group of strangers clad in gentern masks and black

eyeliner got together for a night of Repo! Karaoke. After a few hilarious (and, in typical Karaoke fashion, rather terrible) renditions of Zydrate Anatomy, 'seventeen and Genetic Emancipation, a geeky fan idea was born:

Wouldnt it be cool if we formed a shadow cast for Repo!

The insanity began from there. With only a month left before the print was to come back to Toronto, the cast had very little time to prepare for such an ambitious project. To add to the challenge, none of the cast members owned a screener copy of the film as that DVD was not going to be available for another month and a half. The odds were against them, but they were dedicated. Using only the soundtrack, Youtube clips and collective memory as their guide, the Shadow Cats prepared 11 scenes to perform for Toronto Repo! fans. Their first show on January 3rd, 2009 at the Bloor Cinema in the presence of co-creator Terrance Zdunich made history as the first ever shadow cast performance of Repo! in the world.

The Shadow Cats enjoyed monthly shows at their original home theatre, The Bloor Cinema for the first two years. Along with hosting special theme nights such as the Drag Show and Repo! Burlesque, they also shared many double features with the legendary Toronto Rocky Horror cast, Excited Mental State. In July of 2009, The Shadow Cats joined other local troupes in a very successful Fringe shadow casting event, The Silver Stage.

The Shadow Cats pride themselves in putting together a satirical, raunchier version of what is seen on screen. They keep the show fresh by switching gags and roles on a frequent basis. They continue to perform monthly shows at their current home theatre, The Toronto Underground Cinema.