Renata Gatti


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Renata Gatti


Renata Gatti was born in So Paulo, Brazil. It was her undying love for Star Wars that introduced her to the incredible world of Cosplay, when she joined the 501st Legion in 2009.

Since then Renata has attended some of the biggest and most popular Conventions on the East Coast, cosplaying a few of her favorite characters, like Wonder Woman, Robin and Mara Jade.

Portraying her favorite super heroes is just part of the fun. For Renata, the best part of it all is the creative side of it. She makes all the costumes she wears and in the past 4 years has also cosplayed characters like X-Men Psylocke, Arisia Rrab from Green Lantern Corps, Poison Ivy, Zatanna, Star Wars Arica, and may as well be one of the shortest stormtroopers in the 501st Legion!

Cosplaying has also opened a few other doors for Renata. She has appeared on the music video The Mask, by Hip Hop recording artist and professional illustrator, ILLUS. She has also been pictured to promote various conventions, and has many other projects and costumes to come.

Renata lives in Connecticut, with her adorable pup, and canine cosplayer, McDreamy.