Recreating History
(Fan Group)
Recreating HistoryFormed in 2009 and incorporated in 2010, Recreating History, Inc. is a select group of talented and diverse enthusiasts who have come together for a common goal; to recreate historical events in authentic and fictional performances that extend from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries to a wide array of audiences.

We are dedicated to the idea that Living History is an exciting, fun and effective form of education.

Our members make up a professional diorama of disciplines that cover an extensive portfolio of experience and expertise.

Our members and Pirate Personas:
Joel T. Keener, President, Webmaster, Operations.
Pirate Persona: Charles Vane (c.1680 – March 29, 1721) English pirate from 1716 – 1721
Gregory DeCowsky, President of Vice, Outreach
Pirate Persona: Slash (fictional pirate)
Linda Kay Jennings, Treasurer, Events Coordinator
Pirate persona: Grace O’Malley (1530 – 1603) Irish pirate queen
Erin Miller, Secretary, Media Relations
Pirate persona: Grace MacLeod (fictional pirate)

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