Rebel Legion,
Dagobah Base
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Rebel Legion, <br>Dagobah BaseMudhole? Slimey? Our home this is.

Welcome to Dagobah Base, a chapter of the Rebel Legion serving the state of Louisiana. We are a volunteer Star Wars costuming organization of fans who enjoy researching and recreating a wide range of costumes that represent the "good guys" of the Star Wars stories. Through our many costuming appearances, we spread the fun and excitement of Star Wars to fans of all ages. Our members attend parades, science fiction conventions and charity events as well as our own social funtions where we share tips and ideas involving our passion for Star Wars costuming. If you're looking for a jedi master (or rebel troopers, pilots, princesses, etc.) you've landed in the right place.

Every saga has it's heroes...We are the heroes.
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