Rebecca Schoenig

(Hidden Dragon Art)

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Hidden Dragon Art is comprised of the creative and wildly imaginative metal making dynamic duo, Art Schoenig and Rebecca Rang Schoenig. Both artists have been in many juried art shows along with stores and galleries. They are also members of Austin Craft Riot. Their artwork ranges from 3D sculptures and wall art, to photographic art on steel, to whatever they see popping out of a piece of metal.

Art was apprenticed to Scottish armour makers and has been whitesmithing for over 20 yrs. He also got into the archeological trenches, hung out with the Hopi, and worked for the Park service. His fiendish love for restoring classic British cars has many times lead to trading his artwork for highly sought after parts.

Rebecca has been sculpting for over 18 yrs. Her background in physics and psychology bring unique abilities and insight to her work. Her knowledge has given her the ability to psychoanalyze quarks and create rocketships of her own imagination. Her love of vintage sci fi and monster flicks, flying saucers, rockets, and almost all things geeky...and 'shiny may be seen in some of her fun and fantastic pieces.

Basically, theyre metal slammin artists ready for action. Please visit their website: for more info, pics, videos of them creating metal art work, and other interesting tidbits.