Rebecca Rudaski
(Chainmaille Artist)
Rebecca RudaskiRebecca Rudaski began her professional crafting career in 2007 as a wireworker who bent tiny pieces of colored wire into gorgeous earrings to pay rent in Houghton, MI. Some less-than-observant individuals commented that her jig-based wirework looked like chainmaille, and she started researching this new art form and buying two pounds of rings to experiment. When it turned out that creating was more rewarding and profitable than the career she initially planned, she turned her art into a full time job in 2011 with a small storefront in West Dundee, IL, supplemented by arts and crafts shows in the Chicago and Milwaukee area. Now, she's a full on artistic gypsy, traveling from Minneapolis to Atlanta, exhibiting in fine art festivals to comic cons, spreading her love of chainmaille jewelry to anyone who will listen.

You can view some of her latest work at
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