R.B. Silva

SPECIAL GUEST (Artist - World's Finest; Superboy; Supergirl; Action Comics; Superman; Jimmy Olsen; Green Arrow)

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R.B. Silva


Drawing will never stop being a passion for RB and with the encouragement of his beloved wife, he decided to pursue a career as a professional artist. He studied art formally for two years at a local art school while working full time. His dedication paid off and, in 2008, he got his first job for a small publisher, Studio407, drawing a comic called Netherworld and worked on its first three volumes. He moved to Marvel in 2009, working on some pages of Timestorm and soon after drawing a few pages of War Machine #7 and #10. His work impressed comics writer Greg Pak enough to be hired to work on his graphic novel Vision Machine.

In 2010, RB began working on projects for DC Comics, starting with Secret Six #23 and including work on Superman - an 80 page giant. This opened the door for a series of backps in Action Comics (Jimmy Olsen) #893, 894, 895, and 896, all collected in Jimmy Olsen #1. His hard work and dedication paid off when he took the coveted status of a DC Entertainment Exclusive Artist in late 2010. Also during 2010, DC Comics prepared to take a big step starting The New 52 and RB was invited to work as the penciler for Superboy for almost 2 years and 21 books.

Recently he has worked with Dark Horse on Brain Boy #1-3. RB is working currently on World's Finest by DC Comics.