Ray-Anthony Height

(Artist - Spider-Girl; Shadowland: Power Man; The Amazing Spider-Man: Back in Quack; Wildguard: Insider; 10th Muse; Tales of the TMNT)

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Ray-Anthony Height


Welcome to my corner of the world! My name is Ray-Anthony Height and I am a freelance penciler, creator and character designer. Im a guy who loves comics and every aspect of the comic book industry. In the past 6 years Ive had the privilege to have done work for Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Alias Comics, Mirage Studios, Hasbro and various other companies with the list getting longer every year.

At every opportunity I try to learn as many new art skills as I can while fine tuning the ones I already have so that I can continue to bring my very best work to every project. My ultimate goal is to use my creator-owned properties to one day create a trans-media company and hopefully inspire others along the way.