Raven Gregory

(Writer - Fly; Grimm Fairy Tales; Return To Wonderland; Tales From Neverland; The Monster Hunters Survival Guide; The Gift)

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Raven Gregory


Raven Gregory is Executive Editor and Staff writer of Zenescope Entertainment. In 2003 Raven self published the indie hit THE GIFT which was soon picked up by Image Comics. Following the success of THE GIFT Raven went on to co-created and write THE WONDERLAND TRILOGY and GRIMM FAIRY TALES MYTHS AND LEGENDS for zenescope entertainment. He has also written the critically acclaimed best selling creator owned series, THE WAKING, FLY and the upcoming horror series THE THEATER. He is currently writing the zenescope grimm universe crossover THE DREAM EATER SAGA. Raven resides in Glendale, Arizona with his four kids, and two dogs. He never graduated high school and is still living the dream.