Ramsey Sibaja Raz

(Sketch Card Artist - Marvel Comics; Lord of the Rings; DC Comics; The Walking Dead)

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Ramsey Sibaja Raz


Ramsey Sibaja a.k.a Raz created his own art studio "Raz City Studios" in 1998. Under this banner Raz creates and designs, arresting images deeply rooted in pop culture. Growing up as a kid feeding heavily on the 4 basic pop-culture food groups: Television, movies, music and comic books. From sugar induced Saturday morning cartoon marathons to terrible B-movie madness and equally bad 80's music everything gets filtered through the distorted vision of Raz, nothing escapes his scrutiny. Using humour as a unifying factor in many of his illustrations creates memorable illustrations that everyone wants. Raz has created popular tee shirt designs for many apparel companies such as Ript, Teefury, Design By Humans, Shirt Punch, Global Thread Collective, award winning skateboard deck designs for Infectious and various short stories for different comic book anthologies, created sketch-cards for licensed properties such as Marvel Comics, Lord of the Rings, DC Comics and Walking Dead with Topps, Upperdeck and Cryptozoic. With successful group and solo art shows under his belt Raz is constantly gaining new fans of his work.