Ralph Tedesco
(Co-Founder, Editor in Chief, Writer - Zenescope Entertainment)
Ralph TedescoIn 2005 Ralph and business partner Joe Brusha, co-wrote and published Zenescopeís first comic book series, Grimm Fairy Tales, which was an immediate hit with comic book fans all over the world. He went on to co-create the acclaimed Wonderland trilogy along with Brusha and writer Raven Gregory. Tedesco has co-developed and has written numerous Zenescope titles such as Se7en, Salemís Daughter and Grimm Fairy Talesí INFENRO. He is currently developing several upcoming Zenescope projects as well as executive producing the film version of The Piper, based off Zenescopeís series of the same name. In his spare time Ralph trains in Japanese combat Jujitsu and is also an actor and proud member of SAG. He currently resides in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia, PA.
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