Rafer Roberts

(Artist - FUBAR; The Red Ten; Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever)

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Rafer Roberts is the man behind the comic book PLASTIC FARM and the comic strip NIGHTMARE THE RAT. He is currently writing A+A: THE ADVENTURES OF ARCHER AND ARMSTRONG for Valiant Comics and his art has been seen in all of Valiant's anniversary issues. Rafer illustrated the popular parody comic THANOS AND DARKSED: CARPOOL BUDDIES OF DOOM with writer Justin Jordan and had artwork featured in the Eisner and Harvey winning LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM (Locust Moon Press). He drew DOPE FIENDS OF THE ZOMBIE CAFE and WILD WOMEN OF THE KITTY-KAT GALAXY with writer Sean Frost, and did the art on a pair of TIGER LAWYER shorts with Ryan Ferrier. He currently lives in western Maryland with his wife and muse and their hoard of cats.