Rafael Nieves
(Co-Creator/Writer - The Apocalypse Plan; Bob Howard: Plumber Of The Unknown)
Rafael NievesIs the co-creator and writer of THE APOCALYPSE PLAN and BOB HOWARD: PLUMBER OF THE UNKNOWN, both done in conjunction with artist Dan Dougherty.

A 20 year veteran in the comics field, Nieves has authored or co-authored a number of titles for various publishers, including TALES FROM THE HEART; VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE; THE PHANTOM; HELLSTORM, PRINCE OF LIES and an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s THE BELLS.

Nieves is also the co-founder, with Gary Reed, of Transfuzion Publishing, a company dedicated to preserving and reprinting books long out of print as well as introducing new works to a discerning audience.

Currently, Nieves is working on a number of books, including a sequel to THE APOCALYPSE PLAN, as well as the next issue of BOB HOWARD, among other things.

A native of Chicago, Nieves now lives in the suburb of Berwyn with his wife, two dogs, one cat, and big dreams.

He can be found online at www.rafwrites.blogspot.com
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