Rafael Medoff

(Author - The Last Outrage; They Spoke Out: American Voices Against the Holocaust; Yossel)

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Rafael Medoff


Dr. Rafael Medoff is the author of 12 books about the Holocaust and Jewish history, and is founding director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, which focuses on America's response to Nazism and the Holocaust (www.WymanInstitute.org). The Wyman Institute takes a special interest in the use of comic books, cartoons, and animation to teach about the Holocaust. Dr. Medoff collaborated with Neal Adams on the Holocaust comic strip The Last Outrage (published by Marvel) and they are presently co-creating They Spoke Out: American Voices Against the Holocaust, a series of motion comics for Disney Educational Productions. Dr. Medoff has also collaborated with Art Spiegelman (of Maus fame), Sal Amendola, Dave Simons, and Joe Rubinstein on Holocaust-related comic strips, and authored the Teacher's Guide for Joe Kubert's Holocaust graphic novel, Yossel.