Rafael Grampá
(Artist - TMNT; Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child; Uncanny X-Force; American Vampire; Daredevil; Madman)
Rafael GrampáMy name is Rafael Grampá. I’m a comic book artist, a cartoonist. I already worked as art director of animation, motion graphics and graphic design. My first publication as a comic book author was a 4 page story in the GUNNED DOWN anthology, published in USA by TERRA MAJOR. After that I did with Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, Vasilis Lolos and Becky Cloonan the independent comic book “5.″ We won the EISNER AWARDS 2008 for best anthology. Also in 2008, I released my first solo work, a independent graphic novel called MESMO DELIVERY, distributed in USA by AD House Books.

In 2009 I won two HQ MIX AWARDS, the “brazilian Eisner Awards” for “Best Artist” and “Best Especial Graphic Novel” for MESMO DELIVERY.

Actually I’m working on my next comic book, a graphic novel called FURRY WATER. For create and co-write the script of this project with me I invited the genius brazilian writer Daniel Pellizzari. FURRY WATER will be published by DARK HORSE COMICS. Also, DARK HORSE re-printed MESMO DELIVERY in 201o, as the first and independent first print is sold out.
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