Rachel Dukes

(Artist - Garfield; Cartoon Crier; Left Blank; Side A: The Music Lover's Graphic Novel; Side B: The Music Lovers Comic Anthology)

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Rachel Dukes


For ten years, Rachel ran the small press mini comics and distribution company, Poseur Ink (2003-2013). During that time Poseur Ink published collections of Dukes journal comic Intentionally Left Blank and the anthologies Side A: The Music Lover's Graphic Novel and Side B: The Music Lovers Comic Anthology. Poseur Ink also distributed work by indie cartoonists Megan Rose Gedris, Colleen Frakes, Box Brown, Josh PM Frees, and Ed Brisson.

Rachel is a recent MFA graduate from The Center for Cartoon Studies. She lives in Los Angeles where she self-publishes comics and freelances for larger companies like BOOM! Studios, Avalanche Comics Entertainment, Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, and many others. She's currently working on her first graphic novel, to be published in 2015. You can read her comics online at mixtapecomics.com and mixtapecomics.tumblr.com