Raab Himself

(Actor - Jackass; Viva La Bam; CKY)

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Raab Himself


Chris Raab (aka Raab Himself) began working with Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, Ryan Dunn, Rake Yohn, Lord Bottaro, Deron Miller, Jess Margera, Chad Ginsburg and Vern Zaborowski on the CKY video series in the late 1990s. After gathering an underground following, the group saw mainstream success with MTV's groundbreaking series Jackass. Raab later became a major player for the series spin off Viva La Bam, and was best known for marrying a Russian mail order bride in Vegas. Following the Viva La Bam series, he has had roles in independent films including Booted, The Perfect House and Calendar Girl. Raab has also taken to working behind the camera; writing, directing and producing a project titled Hotdog Casserole.