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R2 4KidsMy name is Luis Naar. I am a local artist here in south Florida.

God has blessed me with a talent to build and create. I have been building, painting and creating for several years now. I have sold my creations nationally and internationally. But not until later on in my life I realized my true purpose in life. To share this gift with those who need it most. My family and I run a children’s' non-profit charity, we attend and support our local charity events. We have attended a "Miracle Walk" for a Transplant foundation, "Marina day for Children in distress" and have visited The Dan Marino Center Children's Hospital for Christmas. I have built a life-sized R/C R2D2 with the help of my family and sponsors such as "Home Depot", that we have taken to these events. We are able to entertain these children for a while, filling them with laughter and hope. : ) We are currently working on our latest charity project, a life sized 1989 Batmobile. I recently bought a 1992 Chevy Caprice that we have stretched for the chassis. I am happy to say that I am currently being sponsored by Centerline wheels, Home Depot, M&L Auto wreaking & parts, Eagle Metal fabricators and Firgelli Automation to name a few. Below you will find links to our charities websites, where you can see photos and videos of the charity work we are doing and our latest project.

Please help us help others.

Please make your donations via paypal to: r24kids@hotmail.com

"Together we can make a difference"

Facebook: BatmobileProject Childrens Charity
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