Prentis Rollins

(Artist - Green Lantern Corps; Green Lantern: Rebirth; Brightest Day; Blackest Night; Final Crisis; JSA; Robin; New X-Men) *Appearing SATURDAY & SUNDAY Only!

**Please check your city’s home page for guest appearance days!**

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Prentis Rollins


Prentis Rollins has been a professional comic-book artist and graphic novel artist for more than ten years. His projects have included Junior League of America and X-Men, as well as the animated portion of the hit musical Avenue Q on Broadway. He lives in New York City.

Credits Include:
Hardware, Icon, Static, Blood Syndicate (various issues), Batman: The Ultimate Evil (graphic novel), Supergirl #s 2,12,21,22, Impulse (various issues), DC One Million #s 1-6, Justice League of America: Foreign Bodies (graphic novel), Justice League of America: Incarnations #s1-7, Dr. Fate #s1-5, DC 1st (Superman Vs. The Flash)#1, DC 2000 #s1-2, DC 9-11 Memorial Book, Power Company (various issues),Touch #s1-6, Flash: Iron Heights (graphic novel), Green Lantern: Rebirth #s1-4, Legions of Superheroes: Death of a Dream, Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #s1-6, Green Lantern Corps (various issues), Justice League of America: Second Coming, Green Lantern:The Sinestro Corps War, Titans: Old Friends, Justice Society of America #s14,15,17, Tales of the Unexpected: The Spectre #s1-6, Escape #s4-6, Milestone Forever #2, Booster Gold #33, Superman Confidential (various issues).

For Marvel Comics:

New X-Men (various issues).