Don't miss Phil Jimenez at Toronto Comic Con
PHIL JIMENEZ UNLEASHES THE MUTANT GENE AT TORONTO COMIC CONPhil Jimenez broke into comics as an artist for DC Comics in the early 90ís on books like WAR OF THE GODS, NEW TITANS, DEATHSTROKE, SHOWCASE í94, TEMPEST, ROBIN and TEAM TITANS. In 1996, Jimenez drew three issues of the first volume of Grant Morrisonís THE INVISIBLES. Jimenez and Morrison later re-teamed for 13 issues of the second volume of THE INVISIBLES.

In 1998, Jimenez drew JLA/TITANS and WONDER WOMAN: DONNA TROY for DC and had his first Marvel work with the limited series X-MEN LIBERATORS. Afterwards, Jimenez joined with writer Warren Ellis on the PLANETARY/AUTHORITY: RULING THE WORLD one-shot before starting a three year stint as the writer and artist of WONDER WOMAN.

Following his seminal run on WONDER WOMAN, Jimenez returned to Marvel where he collaborated with Morrison again on NEW X-MEN. From there, Jimenez wrote and drew the Vertigo miniseries OTHERWORLD before starting one of the biggest projects of his career: INFINITE CRISIS with writer Geoff Johns.

In 2007, Jimenez signed an exclusive contract with Marvel and worked on their flagship title, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. More recently, Jimenez was announced as the artist on ASTONISHING X-MEN alongside writer Warren Ellis.

Jimenez is coming to Toronto Comic Con March 26-28, 2010 to greet fans and sign autographs. Donít miss your chance to meet one of the best comic artists today!

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Toronto Comic Con runs from March 26 -28, 2010 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, Canada. It is a major regional pop culture convention bringing fans the latest information on comics, toys, collectibles and connecting attendees with celebrity guests, artists and industry professionals.

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