chlorophil Phillip Fukushima


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chlorophil Phillip Fukushima


Started collecting comics when he was in grade school like 5th grade, every week he would swoop up the latest titles and would love the artwork that surrounds the comic books. around middle school, chlorophil starts to draw the comics trying to be an artist and thinking it be fun. in high school figured out his drawing skills weren't the best to ability so tries a hand at coloring. started coloring with prismacolors over other schoolmates pencils/inks. no one colored in the whole school, but there were several that just drew the characters. chlorophil learned quickly his skill in coloring was much better, and was alot funner to color. around his senior year he takes a desktop publishing class and uses photoshop to color some works. in college he takes tons of life drawing classes, there we he met a good friend Ramiro Montanez (Yoda) and HOON (Yoda) to show him further with Photoshop. worked on several projects with them under the messstudio collective. worked on an unpublished book around that time and colored in three books called fear no evil, with another guy, promised some pay and never saw that, dude skips out of town and never published book. chlorophil after this looks down on the industry and gets into music and starts djing and producing music. after hooking up with Scott Goodell (rock n roll comics) inker, through a good friend over the net, chlorophil colors some pinups for him, and with success assigns him to help color F-train. still uncertain if that will see the light of day, but actually got paid for it, chlorophil still continues to work heavily in the music industry wondering if his first published work will see the light!