Phil Foglio
(Writer/Artist - Magic: The Gathering; Girl Genius)
Phil FoglioPhil Foglio won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist back in 1977, and is still waiting for the wealth and unlimited power he was told this would bring. In the meantime he has made a career as a writer and artist because he liked the idea of commuting fifty feet to his office. He created the gaming comic What’s New With Phil & Dixie for Dragon Magazine, and worked on Magic the Gathering for Wizards of the Coast. His current project is the multiple Hugo award winning comic book series Girl Genius (, which he works on with his wife, Kaja. Their first novel in the Girl Genius series, Agatha H and the Airship City came out from Night Shade Books in 2011, with more to come. His hobbies include travel, gardening and waiting.
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