Peter J. Tomasi
(Writer - Flashpoint; Green Lantern; Justice Society of America; Batman and Robin; Brightest Day; Batman; JLA; Detective Comics; Aquaman; The Flash)
Peter J. TomasiPeter J. Tomasi is an American comic book writer, best known for his work for DC Comics.

Starting as an editor at DC in 1993, and working on such titles as Green Lantern, the Batman titles, Aquaman, Hawkman, and JSA, he was an occasional writer on various titles, including JSA, The Outsiders, Steel and The Light Brigade. In 2003, DC promoted him to Senior Editor.

In 2007, Tomasi left his fifteen-year role as an editor and transitioned to one of writer. He began on the limited series Black Adam: The Dark Age, and he is currently the regular writer on the monthly Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors and Outsiders titles, and wrote the Nightwing title for 14 issues until its cancellation due to the Battle for the Cowl event. He has also written the Final Crisis tie-in “Requiem,” a tribute to the Martian Manhunter.
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