Peter Melonas
Peter MelonasArt comes in all shapes, sizes and colors Ė you know itís good if you canít stop staring!

Peter Melonas began his long artistic career in screen printing and graphic design.

This commercial artistís popularity began with creating an imagery of characters from mystery genre. Time after time, his name comes up quite often in search of a particular detective wearing a deerstalker cap. He has shown his artistry of mystery/detective drawings in retail comic stores throughout the Mid-South. Peter has participated in many art exhibitions and juried show events.

In 1978, he went into business for himself as a retail entrepreneur. After retiring and no longer occupied with oneís customary business, Peter Melonas became a full-time illustrator while working out of his home studio. Nowadays he has focused on a new and challenging role to play.

You may find his works of art displayed on the internet at
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