Pere Pérez

(Artist - Birds of Prey; Marvel Adventures Spider-Man; Batgirl; Batman; Action Comics; Superman)

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Pere Prez


Pere studied at the Joso School for Comic-Book Artists, where he's currently a teacher. For Spain, he's done books like Guerreros Urbanos (Best New Creator and Best book, reader voting, Barcelona Int. Comicon 2008), the Bull Damn City tetralogy (until now), or La Sangre de las Valkirias, among others.

His first work in American comic-books was Twilight Crusade: Templar for Moonstone Books. After that, hed work on Dragonlance Chronicles forDevil's Due and Savage Tales for Dynamite. After working on Army of Darkness for the same company, hed do his first work for DC Comics, Adventure Comics Feat. The Guardian. Moving to Marvel, he worked on the one-shot New Avengers (AAFES): An Army of One, and Marvel Adv. Fantastic Four #46. He returned to DC and the Superman family of titles, with books like Superman #690,Action Comics Annual #12, Superman Secret Files 2009, and a recently finished run on the Action Comicsongoing book.

After penciling Batgirl #10, 12 and 13, and the Batgirl issue of Bruce Wayne: The Road Home, Pere has collaborated on Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne#5 & #6. Pere was the ongoing artist on Batgirl before the book was substituted by its New-52 version.

After drawing the first arc of Smallville: Season 11: Guardian. official continuation of the hit TV show, Pere has worked on Batwoman #11, Detective Comics Annual #1 and issue #0, Dark Horse Presents (Captain Midnight) and he's also currently collaborating with Valiant in books like Harbinger or Archer & Armstrong.