Paul Weissburg

(Author - Superman: Man of Gold)

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Paul Weissburg


Paul Weissburg is the author of 'superman: Man of Gold (guest-starring Booster Gold!) and Batman: Undercover, a story that takes place at a Super-Villain Crime Convention which may look strangely familiar to regular comic-con attendees. Both stories are published by Stone Arch Books.

When he's not writing stories about super-heroes, Weissburg teaches political science at Augustana College; he has also begun a course titled Comic-Books - A Liberal Arts Education in Four Colors which teaches Gender Studies, Economics, U.S. History, Business Management and Marketing, Ethics, Legal Studies and a variety of other mini-courses, all through the common lens of the comic-book industry. One of the great pleasure of the course has been introducing non-comic-book-readers to Matt Wagner's Mage, Bendis Fortune and Glory, Vaughan's 'saga, Alan Moore's Promethea and a variety of other comics that demonstrate just how incredibly awesome comic-books can be. In addition to teaching and writing, he has also produced an audio-book, Rules of the Game: How Government Works and Why It Sometimes Doesnt, for the Modern Scholar series.

Weissburg received his B.A. in Sociology at Warren Wilson College, his M.A. in International Relations at American University (Washington, DC) and his PhD in Public Policy at George Mason University. He currently lives in Rock Island, IL, with his wife, Mie, and his two cats, Kate and Kinako.