Paul Mounts

(Colorist - Wolverine; Ultimate Doom; FF; Captain America; Incredible Hulk; Fantastic Four; Avengers; Supergirl; Wonder Woman; Thor; Power Girl; Punisher; Daredevil; Ultimate X-Men; Ultimate Spider-Man; JSA; Wanted; X-Men)

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Paul Mounts


Paul Mounts is an artist who has worked as a colorist in the comics industry, on comics including Fantastic Four, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Ultimates.

Mounts was one of Marvel's most prolific comic book-themed trading card colorists in the early 1990s, having worked on sets such as Marvel Universe sets 1-4, X-Men 1-2, and the Spider-Man sets among a multitude of others.

At the same time, he was doing a lot of Marvel's posters, toy and promotional work.