Paul Horn
(Creator - Cool Jerk)
Paul HornPaul Horn is the creator of Cool Jerk, a humorous, black-and-white newspaper-style comic strip (best described as an ongoing journal of things Horn finds funny and/or worthy of satire, told through the voices of his myriad characters). Cool Jerk first saw print in the Reno Gazette-Journal in 1991 and was distributed among several Gannett newspapers through 1996. The strip was given a new home online at, making it one of the longest-running regular comics features created exclusively for an Internet audience. There are four Cool Jerk trade collections in print. Another of Horn¹s comics, The Gore Score by Doc Splatter, originated at the UNR Sagebrush newspaper in the late ¹80s. Those strips are also collected in book form. Horn and his wife, Darlene, published the food-centric comic The Girl with the Donut Tattoo in 2012. Horn is also an award-winning infographics journalist and illustrator, pop-culture addict and amateur Sasquatch whisperer who likes writing bios in the third person.
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