Patrick Olsen
(Artist - Apocalyptic Twist of Fate)
Patrick OlsenI am an artist who was born in Chicago, IL. I have been drawing my entire life. I have always been self taught to draw since the day I picked up a tool to draw with. Growing up, I moved with my family around Illinois a lot. Traveling from one school to another and picking up the art skill along the way. The art teachers that I had going to school always tested me to the fullest. After middle school, then high school, I began submitting my artwork to comic book companies but never any luck. I then began attending college for Digital Animation and learning the history of animation. I currently create portrait art and requests for clients as well as commission art such as logo art, cd over art, etc. I have created a few of my own comic sample art pieces and currently creating my own comic along with my friend who is the writer. The story is called “Apocalyptic Twist of Fate.” (zombie story).

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