Patrick Giles


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Patrick Giles


Patrick Giles grew up in Mobile, AL and starting drawing at an early age. He started working professionally at Auburn University when he became the Campus Newspaper's Art Editor in 2003 and drew his own comic strip known as, The Campus Life. After graduating he started working as a Graphic Designer and Lead Illustrator for various companies then landing his first big opportunity doing work for Conan O' Brien and his Fine Arts of the Flaming C Exhibit at San Diego Comic Con 2011. His piece got national attention and was also printed as limited edition shirts for SDCC 2011 and used several more times on Conan throughout 2011. In 2012 he came back to do a piece for Conan's, Chicago Week, which was animated on the show and again as limited edition merchandise. Patrick still works as a full time graphic designer/digital illustrator in Birmingham, AL and on the side does Commercial Illustration and Digital Illustration under his side business GIG (Giles Illustration and Graphics), and hopes to continue his journey into the entertainment industry.