Pat Lee

SPECIAL GUEST (Artist - Spider-Man; Batman/Superman; Batman; Marvel Legends; Cyberforce; BSG; Iron Man; X-Men; Fantastic Four; Darkminds; Transformers; TMNT; Fathom; Warlands; Shidima; Wolverine; Wetworks; WildC.A.T.s)

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Pat Lee


Pat Lee has been a professional artist for over 18 years. He has made some noteworthy accomplishments, and established himself as one of the industry's top creative forces. He began at Extreme Studios - Image Comics and worked on such titles as BLOODPOOL, BLACK FLAG, GLORY, DARKCHYLDE AND PROPHET. Soon after he joined Jim Lee - founder of Wildstorm Productions and worked on comic book titles such as ALLEGRA, WETWORKS, and Jim Lee's WILDCATS. After which Pat moved onto Marvel comics on mega-franchises IRON MAN, X-MEN/ FANTASTIC FOUR, WOLVERINE, PUNISHER, and SPIDER-MAN.

Pat has lent his creative edge to other monster titles such as TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, DEVIL MAY CRY and TRANSFORMERS - which ranked #1 top selling comic book six months in a row and gave Pat the distinction of being one of the first creators in comic history to reach such a goal. Since then, he has created many successful original properties such as DARKMINDS, WARLANDS, GARDEN OF BLADES, NECROWAR, SANDSCAPE and BANISHED KNIGHTS, and has worked on hundreds of covers for novels, comic books, trade paperbacks and magazines. Many of his own creations have been licensed to Hollywood studios including 20th Century Fox and Disney.

Pat Lee is known internationally for bringing an anime influenced hybrid style to the North American comic market and has hit the #1 artist on the top ten hottest artist list in Wizard Magazine. He has also worked with giant toy companies such as Hasbro, Mattel, Spin Master Pro, and Cookie Jar assisting them in conceptualizing and developing their brands. One of Pat's notorious pieces of work can be seen in Joseph Kahn's music video with Janet Jackson "It Doesnt Really Matter" where Pat led the creative team in designing the music video within 48 hours. Currently at the age of 36, Pat is publishing a book named the Extraterrestrial Compendium" with a team of fifteen. The book discusses 86 alien races that are known to exist in our Universe and will be released in November 2011 by Triple Eye Productions and Sea Lion Books. Pat will also be working with 852 Films to develop galleries in Asia and North America based on the Extraterrestrial Compendium which will launch summer 2012.