Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society

(Fan Group)

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Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society


Our Mission:

The members of the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society have joined together in the common pursuit of the following objectives:

- To enhance the collecting experience of our members.

- To share information to help our members become better collectors.

- To share information to help our members find the Star Wars collectibles they're looking for.

- To create a collecting network where hot items can be bought and sold at fair prices.

- To interact and socialize to share our appreciation of Star Wars collectibles and culture.

So, if you're looking for the latest hard-to-find figure, or you want to know if a vintage collectible is worth what a seller is asking, we've created this forum to help you in all your Star Wars endeavors.

To achieve these objectives, PSWCS offers the following services to members:

- A members-only E-mail list-serve, where breaking news, sightings, and Star Wars discussions can be enjoyed.

- Monthly meetings, where members can hang out and share their latest and greatest finds.

- A Web Site where relevant club information can be found, and new members can be recruited.

Members must follow these rules to assure a pleasant environment for all:

- No excessive profanity

- No fighting words

- No insults of any kind, under any circumstances (no matter how much someone deserves it)

Members who fail to follow these rules will receive a warning. Members who continue to break the rules after the warning will be removed from the club.