Pam Bliss

(Writer/Artist - Kekionga; Dog & Pony Show; Atomic Wonder Comics; B-36)

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Pam Bliss


Pam Bliss was born in Ohio, sometime after the end of the last Ice Age. When she was a girl, she loved to read and make up stories, and she was always getting in trouble for drawing on her papers in English class and writing on her drawings in Art class. Obviously, she was doomed to be a cartoonist.

A fateful encounter with Matt Feazell at a convention in the summer of 1988 led Pam into the mysterious world of small press comics, where she has lived ever since. The first three Paradise Valley minicomics were published the following summer, and they just keep on coming. 1997 saw the arrival of Pam's first full-size comic, B-36 #1, named after her favorite airplane.

Pam's ongoing series include the kid gang adventures of Those Kids!, tales of time travel from The Logbooks of the Travelling Travelall, and gag cartoon friskiness with Sparky the Dog and Radiation Man. She also loves to tell true cartoon stories about cars, animals, trivial facts, her dogs, and the general weirdness of everyday life.

Most of her stories take place in her favorite creation, the imaginary perfect Midwestern small town of Kekionga, Indiana-where things are not always what they seem, and the realm of the imagination is just around the corner.

Pam lives in the real Northwest Indiana with her husband Nick, their two Welsh corgi dogs, and an assortment of projects in various stages of completion. When she's not at the drawing board, she's walking the dogs, watching documentaries on TV, collecting trivia, and reading history, science fiction, and other people's comics. More than anything, Pam tries to tell a good story, and live up to the Paradise Valley Comics motto: Honest comics since 1989.