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Pale Dog Studios


Michael Spanier and Melissa Albino have collaborated on more than a handful of creative endeavors and their latest is a place to put it all:! Pale Dog Studios is the go-to hub for our art, comics and cartoons.

Pale Dog Studios features a handful of original comics: Happy Lifetime, Herbie and Jeff, Lighter than Heir, and Sadi's Factory.

Happy Lifetime is Melissa's comic that's part autobiographical, part gag, all silly.

Herbie and Jeff is about the weird, sometimes nonsensical domestic adventures of Jeff and his robot roommate Herbie.

Lighter than Heir is a military fantasy webcomic about a young girl's trials to escape her father's shadow.

Sadi's Factory is a large industrial building full of countless subterranean levels and unknown surprises around every turn.

Published work: Pale Dog Studios has published several mini comics and webcomics, but their biggest work is the upcoming book which collects the first two years of their webcomic, Lighter than Heir! It currently has a Kickstarter and will be available in September.