Philadelphia Area Gaming Enthusiasts (PAGE)

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Philadelphia Area Gaming Enthusiasts (PAGE)


The Philadelphia Area Gaming Enthusiasts (PAGE) provides one of the best venues for organized game play in the Delaware Valley. We offer our members and guests the opportunity to game on a weekly basis in a mature atmosphere of sportsmanship, maturity, respect, and courtesy. Our players are adults, and most are long-time, experienced gamers---though beginners are always welcome!

All manner of games are played at PAGE, including role-playing in all genres, collectible card games, boardgames, strategic/tactical wargames, and miniatures games. PAGE holds occasional tournaments and is involved in play-testing new games as well as sponsoring events and festivities at local conventions.

PAGE has two Chapters, one located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia and the other in Montgomery County, just outside Philadelphia in Glenside, PA. PAGE Center City meets on Sunday evenings and PAGE Montgomery County Tuesday evenings, providing twice the weekly opportunity for game play!