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Ozzie Martin


On Sept. 18th 1971 - Saturday at 3:35pm, the city of Miami Florida hit a new population high with the birth of a ToonWizard. With a childhood firmly rooted throughout the Golden Age of the 70's and 80's cartoon frenzy, Oz has always been a devoted disciple of all things 2D and animated.

During his early years he was introduced to the outlawed art of Graffiti, where he was also exposed to the inspiring works of his first idol, the late great underground comic book artist Vaughn Bode, and his comic series Cheech Wizard. An obsessive passion for all things cartoony & comic bookish sprang from those early days. Even to go so far as to assume the pseudonym Ozzie Martin from his birth name of Osvaldo Martinez at the age of 12, in order to have that cool comic book creator name. (WINK, WINK)

From high school, he enrolled in the US Army and served proudly as a medic. Years later he enrolled and graduated from the Miami International University of Art & Design-Art Institute in 2009, were he received his Bachelors Degree in Computer Animation. Since then he has been involved with a large variety of differently productions such as creating storyboards and concept design for an animated mini-movie for Alienware, creating illustrations and animation assets for PowerAid during the World Cup, creating the hottest graphic-tee designs for Macys, Arepostle, and Abercrombie and Fitch, as well as creating an animated short for a live stage performance


In Feb. of 2010, he got his foot in the door of the comic book industry when hired by Strictly Underground Comics to redesign their first title Punx Of Rage. Since then he's worked on several independent titles as a cover artist, pinup artist, penciler, inker, and colorist.

Always living his life as a humble artist & a forever student, the ToonWizard Oz never hesitates to extend a friendly hand, pass on knowledge, and share adventures with his fellow 2D Technicians and artists he's fortunate to know.

Ozzie is happy to announce his new venture with the Hound Comics Team developing the ink and color for upcoming Hound animation projects along with introducing his new self character 'stain.

His Motto 'stay Animated & Much 2D Love

*Appearing Courtesy of Oz Wars Promotions