Olivia dAbo

(Actress - The Wonder Years; Conan the Destroyer; Point of No Return; Law & Order: CI; Star Trek: TNG, Voice Actress - Star Wars: The Clone Wars; Green Lantern: First Flight; Ultimate Avengers; Justice League; Batman Beyond)
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Olivia dAbo


Olivia dAbo is a triple threat. In a field where career longevity is rare and versatility even rarer, this performer has seamlessly moved through theatre, film, television and music without a scratch.

Further, the British born actress continues to gain recognition with her ability to shift from comedy to drama with intelligence and grace.

Currently, dAbo has a lot of new projects on her plate. She just extended her role through June as one of the Pigeon sisters (Gwendolyn) in the sold out run of Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane's The Odd Couple on Broadway. This marked dAbo's Broadway debut.

Following the play, dAbo will independently release her album, Turku consisting of ten narrative songs, all of which she wrote herself. Patrick Leonard also contributed to the album, and her familial musical influence made it only a matter of time before she explored this new territory in her life and career. dAbo says: Music truly defines who I am and is my most personal form of expression. She previously performed to a sold out audience at the Roxy in Los Angeles and will soon be appearing in clubs in New York. Turku will be released over the summer.

dAbo is excited to list a Livin On a Prayer duet with Bon Jovi for his 2003 abum, This Left Feels Right as a credit on her discography. Bon Jovi picked her himself when he heard her signing in a recording studio in Los Angeles. He felt this is the voice I am looking for. Other notable performances include Broken with Seal in 2001, and backup vocals with Julian Lennon for Help Yourself in 1997.
On balancing the worlds of acting and music, dAbo says: It's been tricky and quite a challenge for me to balance the two. Ironically, Ive been given the gifts and talent of both my parents combined.

Her father, Mike dAbo, was a lead singer with Manfred Mann. Her mother, model/actress Maggie London dAbo, appeared in A Hard Day's Night.

In television, dAbo got rave reviews in the guest-starring role of the controversial and villainous Nicole Wallace on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. In this character, dAbo is able to demonstrate the true breadth of her acting ability, in a role she describes as wonderfully written with some pretty dark twists. In fact, she participated in a Law and Order: Criminal Intent first. The unexpected popularity of her character gave rise to a wonderful publicity stunt where fans were able to vote and decide her character's fate in an October episode. Unanimously, the fans raved that she should continue on the show and develop her sexually-charged relationship with Vincent DOnofrio's character. The date for her return has not yet been set.

dAbo is probably best and first known for her role as the favorite older sister Karen Arnold in the Emmy Award winning telelvision show The Wonder Years. Other notable recurring television credits include The Single Guy with Jonathan Silverman, Fox's Party of Five in a role of a college student who has a lesbian affair with Neve Cambell's character, 'spin City as the fiance to Michael J. Fox's character. dAbo also guest starred on a famous episode of ABC's Alias with Ethan Hawke and an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun and can be heard as Jane in Disney's animated series Tarzan as well as Tak in Nickelodeon's Invader Zim.

dAbo is also best known for her work in independent film. The films Live Nude Girls and Kicking and Screaming are some of her favorites. Other terrific films she appeared in include Wayne's World 2 with Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers, Greedy with Michael J. Fox, The Last Good Time, Conan the Destroyer, Velocity of Gary, The Big Green, A Texas Funeral, It had to be you, 7 Girlfriends, Point of No Return, 'spirit of 76, Beyond the Stars, The Mission to Kill, A Dream to Believe and Bullies.

Other theater credits include 'scenes From an Execution at the Mark Taper Forum with Frank Langelia and Juliet Stevenson, and the Los Angeles Theatre's critically acclaimed musical It's a Girl.

dAbo currently lives in New York.