Nuzzy and The Guy
Nuzzy and The GuyPodcasters, Nuzzy & Guy bring you a show that’s “Decently Funny.” Nuzzy, a regular on The Howard Stern Superfan Roundtable also produces and sidekicks on podcasts for wild man Andy Dick, Amerca’s Favorite Houseguest Kato Kaelin, Saturday Night Live’s Jeff Richards and many others. Guy has made a few radio appearances as well including Superfan Roundtable, The Single Life and others. Decently Funny is a weekly show where celebrities from all walks of life get interviewed by the boys right from Nuzzy’s Hollywood, CA apartment. These guests include actors, musicians, athletes, comedians, reality stars, pop culture icons, television writers and twitter personalities. Check out their show for yourself at, “Decently Funny” on itunes and follow their antics on twitter @theNuzzy & @_theguy.
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