Shira Caplan & Nella Baduini

(Nostalgia Bomb Studios)

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Shira Caplan & Nella Baduini


Shira Caplan and Nella Baduini together run Nostalgia Bomb Studios, which specializes in handmade wearables based on their favorite fandoms. Local to St. Louis, they're super excited to share the franchises they love, like Transformers and Invader ZIM, with the world! What better way than making fun things to wear and show off that are inspired by the stories and characters that move them

Nella and Shira collaborate with each other (and with their roommate Saeru) to produce high-quality, hand-crafted stock. Though they specialize in unique fleece hats, which are fun and practical, they also offer a wide selection of other accessories, housewares, and gifts.