Noah Hathaway

(Actor - Battlestar Galactica; The NeverEnding Story; Troll)

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Noah Hathaway


Noah Leslie Hathaway is an American film actor. He is best known for his roles played as a child, including Boxey in the original Battlestar Galactica, and Atreyu in The NeverEnding Story.

Noah was born in Los Angeles, California, to Robert Hathaway, who was of part Native American descent, and Judy Ringler. He began his acting career at age two, and appeared in fifty commercials. He was cast as "Boxey" in Battlestar Galactica when he was only six, and he denies having memories of the majority of that time.

At the age of twelve, Hathaway was selected, from the classroom at Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles, for his most memorable role: Atreyu in The Never Ending Story. "For Atreyu," said German director Wolfgang Petersen, "I sought a good-looking boy of athletic build with the quality of fierce determination. The role requires the character to ride a horse expertly, fly on the back of a dragon, struggle through a swamp, clamber over rocks and fight a ferocious wolf-vampire."

Filming took place at the Bavaria Film Studios in Munich, Germany, starting in March 1983. Preparation for the role included learning how to ride a horse bareback. Hathaway said he never read the book by Michael Ende because at the time it was not available in an English translation. However, Noah was already fluent in French, and proved to be language-savvy enough to pick up a command of German sufficient to enable the English-limited Petersen to direct him in German. The shooting lasted nine months.

The NeverEnding Story made Hathaway popular with younger viewers. He went on to star in Troll and a mystery film, Casebusters, both of which were released in 1986. His final major film project was To Die, To Sleep, which is also titled Mortal Danger, and which was released in 1994. Although Hathaway was unlikely to reprise his role in the recently announced remake of Troll, he was signed to act out a much older character named Torok.