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Nikkol Jelenic


Nikkol Jelenic is an American comic book creator. Being a fan of pop culture, art & good story telling, she found a way to express her creativity through illustrating & writing. Getting her start in comics drawing for various independent publishing companies, she continues to pencil & ink page work & covers in the horror & fantasy genre while running her own publishing label ACID i COMICS.
Nikkol's A Taste For Killing horror comic is an ongoing series taking place in the ACID i COMICS universe which is not only her creator owned title that she single handedly writes, draws, letters & edits, but also uses to promote other Indy artists by including pin up art & short stories that relates to the horror tales in each issue. While creating fantastic, gory new tales for her own comics & freelancing pin ups & painted canvas works, Nikkol continues collaborating with other independent creators that share the same interests.
To see more of her art & projects, check her Facebook page under NIKKOL JELENIC ART ( or