Nicole Piazza


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Nicole Piazza


One half of the two person team that runs Burlesqutie, a business that started out selling jewelry, but has since expanded to include masquerade masks, etched glass art, leatherwork, and so much more. Burlesqutie has been seen at many cons in the past year. Once you visit the Burlesqutie booth, you dont forget them!

Nicole has a degree in Graphic Design, but has always been the crafty sort in many other areas as well. She started out making fascinator hats and steampunk jewelry. Mainly for personal use at first until repeatedly being told she should start selling her work. Nicole's specialty is hand beading steampunk and Victorian jewelry, but she has many other mediums that she works with as well. She also makes hand wired stone rings and pendants, masquerade masks, fascinator hats of all genres, and hundreds of hair bows (oh so many hair bows)! Nicole loves to try new things, and never stops learning creative mediums!