Nick Tapalansky

(Writer - Awakening; PopGun)

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Nick Tapalansky


Nick Tapalansky was born in the wilds of New York City, but, fearing hed turn to a life of crime and sensing his villainous nature, his mother moved him away from temptation at the age of 2. Shockingly, he found something worse than the supervillainy that his family feared: comic books.

He exploded onto the scene with Awakening (Archaia Entertainment) in 2007, earning an Eagle Award nomination for Favourite Newcomer Writer. His work has also been featured in Popgun Vol. 4 and The Perhapanauts (Image Comics) as well as Moon Lake and the forthcoming Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 2 (Archaia Entertainment).

He now skulks about the woodlands of Westchester, New York with his wife, freelance illustrator Jackie Santiago. He spends his free time recruiting scalawags and devising new ways to crawl into your mind.

You can plug in to his 8-bit avatar at, and follow him on Twitter at