Nick Hayes

(Creator/Colorist - Dark Age Trilogy, Typographer - The Identikal Foundry)

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Nick Hayes


Award-Winning Visual Artists and Authors Adam Hayes and Nick Hayes are identical twin brothers, born and raised in London, England. Their renowned skills and talents cover many creative genres such as: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Typography, Photography, and more recently, Graphic Novel creation. They have built a strong reputation within the Creative Industry by producing highly distinctive and innovative work. Ultimately they regard themselves as image-makers, and see all visual creativity as boundless.

At the age of twenty-one they both created one of the worlds most forward thinking Graphic Design and Typography studios: Identikal Corporation. Working with high profile clients such as Guinness, and Sony Entertainment Europe, their work regularly featured in trade journals such as Creative Review, Grafik, Computer Arts, and high-end annuals such as ZOO, and Graphic UK. Media exposure to their cutting-edge work helped them to become a well-known force in the creative Industry, eventually being labeled the most famous twins in design (RES Magazine).

Their celebrated typeface library The Identikal Foundry consists of over 250 fonts. Many of these creations were developed whilst they were in their teens; such as the Phuture Font, which became the leading promotional typeface for Playstation2. Other typefaces in the collection have been used widely by an endless list of multinational companies including: Emap Publishing, Conde Nast, Hearst Publishing, Rolling Stone, Nike and Adidas.

Having so far conquered, to their satisfaction, Graphic Design and Typography, they both relocated to New York City to work as Art Directors in the Fashion and Advertising Industry. At twenty-six they worked with Marc Ecko Enterprises completing Global Advertising Campaigns for a vast array of youth based brands including: 50 Cent's Gnit Brand, Avirex and Ecko Unltd.

Whilst creating big-budget Advertising Campaigns, the twins mastered the art of Photography leading them to launch a new business: HayesHayes Photography. In their first year they scooped up three IPA Honorable-Mentions, and became finalists in the Hasselblad Masters Awards. Their photography website was recently selected as the Best Photography Website of 2009 by the respected photography publication PDN Magazine.

Always moving forward, always innovating, the Hayes Brothers continue down the same path with their new creation: A unique Graphic Novel Trilogy. It is something that has taken all their high-end talents in creativity to make possible. An ambition theyve had since they were children. Adam and Nick Hayes now reside in New York City, working on the last two books of their Graphic Novel Trilogy, and continuing running both their Art Direction and Photography businesses.