Niall Eccles
(Artist - Character Of The Day)
Niall EcclesHi – I’m Niall, a cartoonist from Picton, Ontario, currently creating a new cartoon character for every day of the year.

'Character of The Day' began on July 21, 2010, which was my birthday. The character that day was ‘Epic Flail.’ I’d been doing characters regularly before then (you’ll see that some in the series display earlier dates). I'd been in the habit of creating them as warm-ups to working on other art projects.

By July 21, I thought I’d like to try creating one cartoon character for each and every day of the year. From one birthday to the next.

As an en experiment in cartooning and character design, COTD brings to bear everything I've ever learned as a character animator and illustrator and continues to challenge me on a daily basis.

The ‘Character Of The Day’ series can be found at:
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