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NEN is a concept artist, character/costume designer, illustrator, and low brow artist who occasionally dabbles in comics. Specializing in integrating violence, gore, and horror with the beautiful and the surreal, NEN creates a unique landscape of agonies in emotional detail: gritty mechanics, dirty words, the freedom of water, and the ache of a heart made real.

Currently, NEN works as a character/costume designer and promotional illustrator for various clients. Her characters are uniquely charismatic and her designs come alive on their watercolored pages. She has worked on the card game SHINOBI CLANS by Posthuman Studios, PROJECT: PARADIGM by Eschaton Media, and has published pinups in many collections, anthologies, and comics. NEN is working on a graphic novel called ISCARIOT, various paintings for publication in books slated for release this year, and paintings for a new low brow show she has planned for 2014.

Additionally, NEN is sponsored by gothic clothing brand RED QUEEN's BLACK LEGION. || || ||