Nelson DeCastro

(Artist - Marvel Super Action; Uncanny X-Men: First Class; Indomitable Iron Man; Incredible Hercules; Spider-Man/Human Torch; Captain America & The Falcon; Superman; Wire Hangers)

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Nelson DeCastro


Nelson Faro DeCastro, known professionally as Nelson, is an American comic book artist known for his airbrushed cover art, and his interior penciling, inking and coloring work. He is also a writer and teacher. Nelson's career began in the early 1990s, doing cover work and publishing his creator-owned work for Dark Horse Comics, before becoming a frequent artist for Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

His earliest memory of reading comics is of a Spider-Man book featuring the Gibbon, illustrated by John Romita, whom he cites as his primary artistic influence. Other influences he names include Caravaggio, Joe Jusko, Frank Frazetta, and Simon Bisley.

Nelson studied art at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.