Nat Gertler

(Writer - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Graphic Novel; The Factor; Negative Burn; The Peanuts Collection; ElfQuest; Speed Racer)

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Nat Gertler


Two-time Eisner Award nominee Nat Gertler is a comics writer, publisher, historian, and innovator.

Gertler has written comics stories published by dozens of publishers including DC, Image, Archie, and IDW. He has written superhero, humor, horror, and slice-of-life. He has worked with well-known licensed properties (Speed Racer, Yogi Bear, Power Rangers) and original material, including his alternative superhero series The Factor (which brought him his first Eisner nomination) and his funny animal sendp Licensable BearTM (which included the very first comic book appearance by then-Senator Barack Obama). Gertler and artist Steve Lieber worked together to write The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Graphic Novel, now in its second edition.

As the publisher of the About Comics line, Gertler has brought forth collections of work by such folks as Kurt Busiek, Gail Simone, and Charles Schulz. He also edited and published Panel One: Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers, which continues to be a strong seller to people pursuing work writing comics.

Gertler's comics history work is focused on the works of Charles M. Schulz, creator of Peanuts. At The AAUGH Blog (, Gertler keeps up news and notes on what's going on in the Peanuts scene. He has appeared in the DVD extras of several Peanuts releases.

His latest book, The Peanuts Collection: Treasures from the World's Most Beloved Comic Strip (Little Brown and Co.) has drawn praise from sources ranging from the Mormon Church-owned Deseret News to the British nudie magazine Mayfair.

Gertler is the founder of 24 Hour Comics Day, the annual event during which comic creators gather to work side by side, each trying to create a full 24 page comic book in a mere 24 hours. This has become arguably one of the world's largest art events, with tens of thousands of pages of original art created each year in the course of this madness.

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