Morgan Gendel
(Writer - ST:TNG “The Inner Light”; TekWar; MTV’S Spider-Man; Dresden Files)
Morgan GendelGendel has written or produced over 200 episodes of primetime TV. He is best known as writer of the StarTrek: The Next Generation episode “The Inner Light,” which earned him a Hugo Award and is consistently ranked among the Top 5 best-loved of all Star Trek episodes or movies.

Gendel’s sci-fi/comic credits include “The Dresden Files,” which he brought to TV as Executive Producer; MTV’s “Spider-Man,” in which he served as Head Writer and Showrunner; several “TekWar” TV movies starring William Shatner; and additional episodes of both Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

He is currently developing a sci-fi project with eOne Television and co-writing in collaboration with Stan Lee the graphic novel Hellana, using the same team of artists who brought to life his fanfic digital comic “THE OUTER LIGHT,” a sequel to his well-known TNG episode.
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